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Our philosophy

The fundamental concept is to manipulate raw material as little as possible.

Wine should be ‘whole’. For this reason the grapes from which it is obtained must be manipulated as little as possible. The choice of organic was a given, besides which it was certificated from 1993 – when the law on biological farming appeared – to 2008.  But more than that, the choice arose from the presupposition of making ‘whole wines’ out of a sense of respect for our land. A fully natural approach is a condition for making WINE which reflects the territory, which bears the territory within itself.  But this is not enough on its own, it is also necessary to have the know-how.

Wine should have the following fundamental characteristics:
1. It carries the territory within itself. It does not have to be good in an absolute sense but recognisable as a conveyor of a territory.
2. It should be easy to drink; it shouldn’t be nauseating or repulsive. It should be drinkable, tasty, and attractive to the stomach.
3. It should be digestible because it is a food.

These three factors belong with the idea of integrity and non-interference: to preserve the wine without manipulating it.

Longevity: wine which hasn’t been manipulated, which is AUTHENTIC, is in itself long lived; it is only necessary to store it well.  It changes and evolves for the whole of its own life, like every other living thing.  The motor of this change is oxygen, air, as for all living things.

The fruit of the earth is the child of a good relationship between humanity and nature, a balanced relationship.  The rhythms of nature are important and must not be distorted by human beings.  They must follow the earth and its rhythms to guarantee a wholesome harvest and to belong to nature themselves.