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Extra virgin olive oil

Types of soil
Sub-soil: thin layer of mixed types above travertine. Altitude: about 240 metres above sea level.

Type of pruning
Conical vase shape

Density of plants per hectare
The olive grove is about 1.5 hectares in extent.  There is no regular pattern of planting as it is an old olive grove with dry stone walls and terracing which is undergoing renovation.  There are perhaps 200 trees.

Moraiolo and Leccino.

Levels of production
Until last year we also had production from another olive grove. As the current grove is being renovated we cannot estimate the production.

Work in the olive grove
Between January and March pruning every two years.  Manual removal of suckers with the aid of secateurs and a saw, annually.  Care and cutting back of the naturally occurring vegetation in May and before the harvest.  Manual harvesting using rakes from the end of October to the beginning of December according to the level of maturity.  No treatments of any sort.

The olives are pressed at a local press which we trust.

The olive oil
The extra virgin olive oil from Massa Vecchia, previously farmed by Fabrizio and Patrizia and now by Francesca, is produced according to the same philosophy as the rest of the farm. Absolutely no chemical products are used and human intervention on the plants and on the land is reduced to a minimum.  The traditional cultivation of the olive trees and the resulting extra virgin olive oil itself, just like the wine, are representations of the farm’s connection with the land itself.  While showing annual variation ours is a typically Maremman oil: it is marked by powerful herbaceous notes, fruitiness and an evident hotness.

The extra virgin olive oil is bottled without filtering by us.