Originally conceived in order to return dignity and authenticity to a wine often made in an industrial way. This wine is made from different blends according to the year. The aim is to make a wine which is easy to drink but with a powerful personality, brought about in part by the way it is handled: by raising the cap and by avoiding filtration, it has a very intense colour.

Rosato 2014:
Malvasia Nera 50% , Merlot 30% and Aleatico 20%, one year on wood,  around 2160 bottles

Rosato 2013:
Malvasia Nera 100%; one year on wood,  around 1600 bottles

Rosato 2012:
Malvasia Nera 100%, one year on wood,  around 1600 bottles

Rosato 2011:
Merlot 60%,Malvasia Nera 25% and Cabernet S 15%;one year on wood,  around 1700 bottles

Rosato 2010:
 Merlot 70% and  Malvasia Nera 30%; one year on barrel,  around 5200 bottles

Rosato 2008:
Cabernet Sauvignon 60%  and Aleatico 40%; two years on wood,  around 660 bottles

Rosato 2007:
Malvasia Nera 55% and Aleatico 45%; one year on barrel,  around 3220 bottles

Rosato 2006:
 Merlot 60% and  Malvasia Nera 40%; one year on barrel,  around 2845 bottles